R U Hip-Hop?

Here is a character inspired by Slick Rick's Children's Story. Whenever I hear that track, I always envision it in my mind as an animated film. The ultimate wish list would be to have it animated and stylized by Robert Valley! Oooooweeee!

IF: Talent

I haven't participated on IF in a loooong time but I thought it was an opportunity to get the juices flowing. I've got a coworker who got me excited again about joining in. I'm hoping it lasts for a while, it helps that other folks immediately around you are into it as well. Its sorta late, but this week's word topic was talent. A friend had suggested I draw an octopus so I ended up combining the two and this guy popped into my head.

Art Dump

Excuse my extended absence around here. Here are some recent sketches that I've done...been neglecting this poor blog so I figure I'd show it some love :D

Paint Sketch

Hoooo...its been a little while since I last updated. Here is a quick paint sketch of what turned into a female elf? Gotta get back in rhythm...

Girl with hat

She was my warm-up sketch for today, just trying to get the hand loose. I think the photo I referenced came from a movie or something...I thought the pose was killer.