more werewolf sketches

here are more sketches of werewolves

i'm still trying to find a body type that i like
well, that's my excuse to keep doodling but i know i have to settle on one of these pretty soon


These were sketches I did over the weekend for a werewolf/creature design.
Its really tough doing one of these and have a fresh look since werewolf designs have been done to death.
These are for a short story I'm working on that was written by Neil Druckmann.
I didn't get too far with the design and I'm not too happy with these early sketches. Ah well, good enough for a first pass i guess


a value study i did from the movie Ronin.

kong breakin' it down

wow...been neglecting this poor blog
i managed to track this video clip down from my archives...might have to start a separate blog and upload these
this was the night before super thursday at ACCD in 2001...sorry, camera had no audio
this was late one night when everyone was tired and loopy