A brain fart character that I sketched up earlier today and decided to clean up so I would have something to post. I think I'll color him tomorrow. G'night kids.

AJ - Bigfoot

It's Bigfoot gone wild! Here's a piece I just finished for Art Jumble. The topic for the week was Bigfoot.

IF - Memories

Another piece I just finished for Illustration Friday. The topic this week is: MEMORIES.
The idea behind the piece was to show that memories are what gives us our sense of self. The child's hand to the left along with the adult hand over to the right symbolize the passage of time and that our memories serve as the bridge between the past and the present. Paper as a medium is designed to hold information but deteriorates as time goes by much like our brains and the memories it contains.
Hope you guys dig it.

Sketching Arizona - WIP

A sketch that is currently on the table, I'd really like to take it to a full painting. This was inspired by the film Raising Arizona and this is H.I. McDunnough played by Nicholas Cage, who is brilliant in the film.

IF - Routine

This is my first piece for Illustration Friday. The topic for this week was: ROUTINE
I didn't get a chance to do everything I had hoped so I guess this piece can be considered a work in progress...but isn't all art a work in progress? :D
Juuuust barely made it in time I think...

Space Outpost

I decided to switch up the banner yet again. See above. I was rolling along pretty quickly on this piece and it should probably have taken about an hour and a half but the main freighter/station in the foreground would not cooperate. I couldn't make up my mind on what it should look like so it ended up taking me three hours to finish this "sketch".

Itchin' and Scratchin'

Ihad a bout of sketchitis today. The top sketch is for this week's Art Jumble topic which was Elephants. I really want to put color on it but I don't have the time to spare. The bottom piece is a re-work of the Beer Maid piece I did last week. I started out just doing a sketch study to try and work out her stance from the earlier piece. As you can see I got a little carried away.

Blonde on Blonde

Another piece I did for the Art Jumble blog. The topic for this week was blondes...I couldn't resist. I forgot to give her a bandana though, I thought it she would have looked cute with it, ah well. Just have to pay better attention next time... oh and I should have dropped her right knee lower. Grrr.

Indiana Jones Has Jumped The Shark *OFFICIALLY*

Went to go see Indiana Jones yesterday...all I can say is WHAT WAS THAT?!?! I could go on for days about how much I disliked that movie but I won't. Yeesh! That was a bonafide steaming pile of turd. So two of some of my favorite franchises, one of which was the Transformers, have been absolutely butchered and it just so happens to involve this Shia LeDouche. Someone please stop him. One of the previews has him starring in a movie that stinks of a bad remix of the Matrix. NOOOOO!
George Lucas = FAIL
Steven Spielberg = FAIL
Harrison Ford = FAIL

Little Johnny

This is a piece I just finished as my first post for the Art Jumble site. I've been itching to participate over there but I've just had so much other work to attend to *waaah*. Glad to finally have whipped something out.

Yay, meetings!

Here are some sketches I drew up during a 2 hour meeting earlier today. I was happy I remembered to bring the sketchbook with me. I might draw some more sketches to fill up the bottom page at another meeting later today. *joy*

Skateboard Competition

It's way too hot to go outside for plein air painting so I decided to stay indoors. There was a skate competition on MTV earlier today and inspired me to do some studies. It was going to be either that or jumping back on to Spore and play around with some creatures.


I've spent the last 2 hours playing around with the Spore creature creator and my mind is blown! The creature creator alone is so entertaining I can't even begin to fathom how great the actual game is going to be! Run, do NOT walk and download it here. SIMPLY AMAZING!!
This is the first creature that I made and I named it Arak.

Canyon Port

This sketch took about 45 minutes. I was trying to test out a video screen-cap service earlier called Jing. Pretty cool service, although the bummer is that the video clips are limited to 5 minutes, but hey its free. I'll drop in the video clip as soon as I work out the bugs.

Meeting Sketches

These sketches were done during our meeting this morning. I didn't think to grab my sketch pad until the meeting was almost up. I was only able to manage these ones. I'll remember to bring it along for the next sessions.

Banner Change

A quick painting this morning. I wanted to change up the banner on this site.

Doggy Style

This was a caricature piece I did for a Snoop Dogg thread over at the Drawing Board. Snoop has great features for caricaturing, I think I'll try another pass and try to push it further.

Dope is the Pope

Anyone notice the Pope's ceremonial dress the other day? It looked like Trisha Biggar or Iain McCaig could've designed it. Pretty cool.


Just a drawing exercise before I cut out of work. I might have another drawing in me before the day is done.

Balboa Park 04.12.08

I was able to go out this past Saturday to Balboa Park to get in some Plein Air sketching. Really cool place with tons of choice painting spots. I didn't get in as many of these quick gouache sketches as I had hoped because I wanted to do a larger sized oil piece...which turned out disastrous by the way and no it will not get posted. heh
Next time I'll be sure to get in some figure work since there are also tons of people lounging around that make for excellent targets for me to butcher on canvas. *cue diabolical laugh*


Wanted to doodle something, anything and the Hulk popped into mind. The initial pose didn't really hold too much drama so I ended up with the Hulk looking...er Hulkish while smashing...a fuzzy bunny. Well..whaddaya want I said it was a doodle.

Charlton Heston Tribute

Charlton Heston passed away today. I did this piece to commemorate his role as Taylor in the only Planet of The Apes movie that counts. While I really dug the production design in the remake with Marky Mark, the 1968 version had a charm that got lost in the newer version of the film...besides that, the original starred Chucky Heston, c'mon.
Somewhere, anti-gun lobbyists are scrambling to grab Chucky's gun.
Rest in peace, Mr. Heston.

Major Tom

WOOHOOO! an update! I was listening to David Bowie's Space Oddity and this image popped into my head last night. Gonna try and get some color or at least tone it up. That song is so dope...

Test Piece

I've been feeling guilty for not having had time to update this blog so I thought I'd post something up. This is a piece I put together as a test. Eventually I'd like to take it further...really more of an exploration.

Torrey Pines State Reserve

I recently joined a plein air painting group and today was my first trip out with them. Its been quite a while since I've gone out to do a bit of landscape painting. It felt really good to be out again. I'm waaay rusty but who cares its all fun. The scenery was amazing. We went to a place called Torrey Pines State Reserve. If you're in the area I recommend checking it out!
I hope everyone's year is going well so far and updates should be a little more consistent around here.