Col. Bluegrass

group of us at work are trying to do a weekly drawing challenge. The theme is 80's cartoon characters..its not even a challenge really but more of an excuse to draw fun sh*
The theme for this week was Silverhawks and this was my take on the character of Col. Bluegrass. He was the pilot for the team's ship. You can just hear that killer intro now...

More Watercolors

My last post inspired me to try my hand at some more watercolor sketches. Watercolors are proving to be a tough medium to get the hang of...ah well, just have to do more I guess.
These were done over at La Jolla Shores yesterday. I got a chance to meet and chat with some really nice people there.
A plein air painter's two best friends are sunblock and a hat with a large brim. I had neither one of those yesterday and my head is beet red today as a result :/
* some tweaks in Photoshop

Dabbling In Watercolors

Some old pieces done during a trip to the Philippines in November of 2008. I wanted to dabble with watercolors and I brought a small kit along. I can't remember if I've posted these already...:D I wanted to post something new and haven't had time to crank anything out.

Sketch Quickie

Just a quick sketch update. I was able to find a slot of time this morning and did some sketches inspired by Minon. More to come...

Update: Here are a couple of other sketches I was able to clean up:

FreeRealms Eye Candy

These were some color keys I created for one of the areas in FreeRealms.
I can't really remember exactly which area it belongs to. I was just gathering some stuff together in the hopes of maybe doing a portfolio refresh. I really dig doing these...lots of fun!

No Retreat, No Surrender!

ell, well, about this, huh?! An actual update...
I've been in a serious creative slump in order to bust out of it, I thought I'd buy me a brand spanking new sketch book! I did a little sketching in front of the TV last night. I had it on Vs. channel and some MMA action was on. The character just came about after doing the studies you see there in the background.
Those are some tough ass dudes.

Undead Spaz

I was watching Zombieland the other day and I had to get this out. Cool movie so far though I haven't seen the whole thing yet. Zombies = Fun


Woohoo! Its my first post for 2010! This was supposed to be a simple entry for a drawing jam over at the Drawingboard but I ended up taking it further than what I originally planned on doing. I couldn't help it since I was having so much fun with it.
I referenced the pose from a photo of Jaime Koeppe and I finished it off as Blair from Soul Eater. If you dig anime or manga definitely check out Soul Eater.