Legends of Norrath

I got permission to post these now that the game is out. Woohoo! These were for the online card game Legends of Norrath. I had a great time doing these although it was difficult getting them done, having to juggle work, personal stuff yada, yada. Wait...what's that?...I think I just heard the world's smallest violin playing.

Fear is the mind-killer.

I bought the extended edition of the film Dune a couple of weeks ago. The production design on that film still blows me away. This is a sketch of the character Feyd Rautha as played by none other than the tantric guru Sting! Sketches for the Baron and The Beast Raban should be coming. All three characters rule!

Brush Pen

So sleepy...:(
I wanted to clean out an old brush pen that I have. Rather than waste ink on random markings I went ahead and inked over this sketch I did earlier tonight. I kind of regret it actually, I felt the original pencil sketch looked better :/

More, more, more...

Just a few more sketches before I knock out. I'm planning on dropping some color on these...soon I hope.
Note to self: must draw more animals!

Power Man and Iron Fist

I wish I could say I came up with these two straight out of my noggin but the truth is I found the inspiration for them on this site: Malingering on Flickr.
She's got great sets of photos to draw inspiration from. I could never have come up with these guys on my own...:D
Power Man
Iron Fist