Paint Sketch

Hoooo...its been a little while since I last updated. Here is a quick paint sketch of what turned into a female elf? Gotta get back in rhythm...

Girl with hat

She was my warm-up sketch for today, just trying to get the hand loose. I think the photo I referenced came from a movie or something...I thought the pose was killer.

Sketch Page

Ive been neglecting the ole' blog so here is a page of warm-up sketches from this morning :/

TV Time

Watching some NBA on ESPN and doing a little sketching in Photoshop. Half-time of the Clippers v Jazz...TV sports talking-heads going on about Blake Griffin's dunk the other day being one of the best in the history of NBA. Uhhh yeah...calm was great dunk but one of the best in the hisory of NBA?! Pssh.


Just some random landscape studies. I really needed to do some art for myself. Feels good to just chill out and sketch randomness.