busy busy busy

things are a bit busy right now and i probably won't be able to post any art til friday or so >:/

busy monday

lots of stuff going on today. i'm trying to track down all the inking comic pages i've got. the problem is i have to dig 'em out of storage which is always a pain. i'm planning to sell some of 'em but it hurts to let a lot of them go but it'll be good to find them good homes. i'll try posting some of those here at some point. all that plus i'm trying to gear up for my new gig. i'll do a detailed posting this weekend to talk more about recent happenings.

the sketch up top was a zombie sketch i did a little while back, i'll post it again once i get around to getting some color on it.
the other set of sketches was just me trying to loosen my arm up, i've been doing too much digital work lately.
its tough to get any sketching done with all the games that are going on.

Lakers lost

The Lakers lost earlier today in their first game against Phoenix. I still believe the Lakers can beat these guys. If not for a couple of bad calls, the game would have been even closer than what the final score came out to be. Guess we'll all find out on Wednesday.
The sketch is inspired by the tv series, LOST. I think that show has jumped the shark but they've still got me waiting for new episodes. Most of the characters have gotten annoying to the point that you want the invisible robot/whatever in the woods to come smash them in mid-conversation...hmm maybe i'll sketch that out...

ugh....too early

i decided yesterday that i'm going to change my posting schedule. its too hard to try and type anything in the morning so from here on in i'm going to post towards the end of the day. *yawn*
the grayscale piece was just a random sketch to put my brain in neutral while i was trying to design something else. the guy there in the foreground looks so stiff and he's standing so close to the edge of that flooring, it looks like someone could sneak up behind him and very easily tip him over the edge.

the color piece was a study from yet another corot painting (70% sure it was corot) i just put a little twist on it to keep it interesting for myself
now i go to make some coffee...

to be or not to be...

so i still can't make up my mind on whether to keep the topics that i talk about here confined to art and industry related subjects or do i just let my mind roll. that last part worries me though only because i wouldn't want any potential employers to make up their mind about me through this blog. i've heard of a couple of cases where that's happened which i thought was weird but i guess that's where we are as a society.
the next time you fill out an application it'll ask you your name, date of birth and all the usual pertinent info and at the very bottom it'll ask you for your myspace profile. yeesh! the rejection letter could go something like this:
dear such-and-such,
we are sorry to inform you that we will not be bringing you on as a full-time employee. judging from your taste in music and the kind of hobbies and interests that you indulge in, we feel that it is best at this time that we not let you through our doors without heavy security. and if the saying "birds of a feather flock together" is true, then your 8923408729872957987 8912372075918273509127 "friends" says an awful lot about you and would advise you in the future to exercise a little more discretion in choosing the kind of company that you keep, half-naked cam girls notwithstanding.
the job you missed out on

the top sketch is a value study i did from a corot painting and the color piece below that is a study i did from an image of some mountains in china i believe


The Lakers finally locked in their playoff position last night after they beat the NO/OK Hornets. To be fair to the Hornets, they weren't playing for anything and the game last night meant more to the Lakers than it did to them. Had the Lakers lost it would have knocked them down to the eighth slot which would mean a first round match-up with the Spurs and nobody really wants that. So as it turns out they're going to be facing the Phoenix Suns who are 3-1 against the Lakers this season. Game 1 starts this Sunday. Finally...

woohoo! day 02...

i was doing some tweaks to this place. i figured out how to add a links section to the sidebar and even figured out how to have the font match! i'll be adding some links to sites of interest and hey if anyone has a link that they'd like to share, please by all means send it my way. i'm always on the lookout for cool sites coz it seems as big as the World Wide Web is, i always end up frequenting the same places over and over again :D
and sadly yes, i got hooked in to the whole american idol thing and i place the blame squarely on my fiance. that's got to knock me down a couple of rungs on the man-ladder, no? so now i'm looking around for a betting site so i can put some money down on katharine mcphee...that should even things out.

oh yeah!

Heyyyyyy!!! So i finally got some time to start this thing and as advertised, here are some sketches/studies I've done.
I can't express enough how much I'm digging the Wacom Cintiq 21UX.
These sketches were done while I was just noodling some random stuff to get a better feel for the pen and screen interface.