Color Comps

These are a couple of color sketches I did as exploration for some exisitng layouts that I have that I want to of these days. Wow! San Diego Comic-Con starts this week!

Problem Solving

I was trying to work out some stuff this morning for an assignment I've got. This sketch was the result of that.

Face Sketch

Just a warm-up quick sketch of a face I did this morning before I got started.


So it turns out I didn't have enough motivation to kick out another ArtRage doodle last night...
With this piece I'm trying a different approach to coloring/painting in PS. I'm kinda fumbling around for a process that's quick and efficient...on account of I'm lazy :D

Art Rage Doodle

I really had nothing specific in mind when I did this. I just wanted to open up ArtRage since I haven't in a while...might have enough motivation to do one more.