good kinda busy

too much going on lately, hopefully i can post something later today

and yet another caricature...

I seem to be on a caricature kick today. I don't really do caricatures, but these are extremely fun!
This caricature is of an artist named BigAl over on the drawingboard.

caricature exercise

A quick-sketch caricature i did of John Goodman for a thread over at

funny piece

Here is something i just finished coloring for a friend of mine named Jason Johnson. I found it hilarious so I decided to post it. I had to do some minor editing to it but I think Jason would agree with that decision. :D

commissioned piece

this is an inking commissioned piece that i just finished.
i don't have the stamina to ink full books these days but these one-offs are fun especially if its over a penciller i like
the pencils underneath are by Michael Lopez
i worked with him on several comic book-related projects
Michael Lopez is one of the most gifted artists i've had the pleasure of meeting and he continues to inspire me every time i see new material from him and i always dig what turns out from our collaborations
the dude is a monster talent!