I got a little too happy doing tweaks to this blog :D...special thanks to Chris Wahl for the tips and inspiring me in the first place to try and clean up the joint.
Go check out his work...mind-blowing! and he's done some sweet stuff tweaking his site and maximizing his use of Blogger.
This piece here is a character by the name of GTBlitz. I designed him a while back when I worked on the game JakX for NaughtyDog.The in-game character came out pretty close to this design with some minor changes and minus the pimptastic textures. I thought the game came out quite cool too...although, getting blown-up as many times as i did gave me a headache after a while.


a futuristic city sketch before i head for home...happy friday!

hooooolah girls

one day it'll be nice to sit on a beach on an island somewhere painting hula girls with a bottle of corona next to my easel...one can dream

color study

ahhhhhhhh...got a chance to do a quick color study
i really enjoy doing these, i just don't know how its going to read since the calibration on my monitor at work is a bit off

"The Daily Grind"

this 9x12 in. illustration was done in ink and acrylic on a wood panel
i forgot how satisfying it is to actually use "analog" tools to do paintings/illustrations
this was supposed to be part of a series, hopefully i can find the time and do the rest

quick sketches

a couple of quick sketches this morning to loosen up my hand
lately i've felt that my work was getting a little stiff and so i'm trying to stick to a morning quick sketch regimen
its brutal trying to get your hand to work while you're still half asleep :D

this was the first warm-up sketch and it's evident with how "controlled" the sketch looks

i think i'll sketch up some girls tomorrow

warm-up sketches

broke out the people magazine and did some warm-up sketches

Shaun Of The Dead

Some sketches of zombies inspired by the movie