In case anyone was wondering about the lack of updates around here you can just blame this game :D
Do yourself a favor and play the game! Extremely fun and addicting! I was lucky enough to score the last copy for the gamecube from the EBGames down the street. Woohoo!
You get to hop on speeder bikes, pilot chicken walkers, take down AT-ATs on Hoth = SWEEEET x 1231247689273578971891!!!
Oh and for the haters out there, the ewoks are cool in the game and not so annoying like they were in the movies.
Drawings on the way...

Red Thumbs

The Lakers vs. Rockets game last night was sick! A weird game all around with the Lakers being down by as much as 21 points in the first half before they dig their way back out to win it in double-OT. Sick! I just hope they don't fall in love with the idea of come-from-behind wins.
These are some thumbnail sketches of "Red" (guess I'm gonna call her that since I don't have a name for her yet)
I'm just trying to work out the main shapes of the costume design

Girls and Guns

just a random quick-sketch of a girl with a big can never go wrong with girls and guns *sarcasm*


a quick sketch for the female character

I'm finally getting back to work on the short story I was on a few weeks ago. It really seems like its been ages. Anyway, I'm working on the design for the female character in the story. I didn't really get too far with it this morning but I'll probably come back to it at some point today...maybe later tonight.

Internet Explorer sucks!!

argh! i stopped using internet explorer a while back and i usually use safari and firefox. i was quite happy with the way this place looked with all the tweaks i figured out. well today i thought i would use IE to open up the blog and to my shock the thing looked like ass!! it turns out IE has trouble rendering .png files and IE just renders everything else like now more tweaking. just as well, i was making a mess of the code.
drawings will be coming, i've just been so busy at work but the game is looking great!