Internet Explorer sucks!!

argh! i stopped using internet explorer a while back and i usually use safari and firefox. i was quite happy with the way this place looked with all the tweaks i figured out. well today i thought i would use IE to open up the blog and to my shock the thing looked like ass!! it turns out IE has trouble rendering .png files and IE just renders everything else like now more tweaking. just as well, i was making a mess of the code.
drawings will be coming, i've just been so busy at work but the game is looking great!

3 comments: said...

Kickin site ! And your right...IE SUCKS! What's Firefox ? I'm new at this comp. gig!

Anonymous said...

One of best looking layouts you have here! But what IE version you are using? I am using IE 7 and I have not have any problems with layouts or ordinary & extra ordinary file types with it.

Edwin Rosell said...

thanks DOC! Firefox is another browser like Internet Explorer but with better features and usability.

thanks also Binis! You know what, It turns out the problem was on my end. So to be fair it was not IE's fault.
...buut a quick comment on the newest IE...7? That interface is uhgly but it could be just me.