This was a memory sketch of a guy that walked into the sushi restaurant that we were eating at yesterday. He was such a character that it got me motivated to sketch him out once we got back to the studio. He looked just like Sonny Bono with a grown-out, flattened mullet and he had on this Captain America, soccer jersey shirt which he wore over camo cargo shorts! Just waaay too hip for the room! *sarcasm* The piez de resistance(sp?) was his bluetooth earpiece to top off the look :D That bit I forgot about because I was distracted by how much he resembled Sonny Bono.


The advent of blogs might have been the best thing to happen to artists.....evur, imho. I was doing a bit of blog surfing earlier and its amazing how much jaw-dropping work is being produced by artists out there today. So much inspiring work with styles of all types.....well, better get to work.
The sketch above was a creature design I did back when I worked for NDI. The design was probably inspired by how I was feeling that day....blahhhhhrggghh. I think everyone has days like that.

Maximus Sketch

Gladiator was on TV the other night and inspired me to do this sketch. I'll try to slap some color on it later today hopefully. Here Maximus is mad for breaking his sword off of someone's a$$.
I really enjoyed doing this sketch...inking is so much easier when you have "Ctrl-Z"! :D

Knight Sketch

Here is a sketch of a character that I intended to be a knight. I find I have little or no patience to render a figure and so I'm trying to work on my stamina. Time or the lack of, is also a huge factor in being unable to carry some of these non-work related, "frivolous" pieces all the way through. Bah! :P

Season Ends

And so the Lakers' season comes to a close...To anyone who knows Kevin Garnett, please tell him to get down to the Lakers office already and stop messing around up there in 'Sota.
Here's a funny video clip my friend Allen sent me today. Conan rules!


Apologies go out to people who are using older versions of Internet Explorer. I'm not sure why but for some reason this blog won't open in it. I'm trying to figure out how to fix it...I'm not one to tell you what to do but you ought to be using Firefox anyway...I'm just playin' :D