The advent of blogs might have been the best thing to happen to artists.....evur, imho. I was doing a bit of blog surfing earlier and its amazing how much jaw-dropping work is being produced by artists out there today. So much inspiring work with styles of all types.....well, better get to work.
The sketch above was a creature design I did back when I worked for NDI. The design was probably inspired by how I was feeling that day....blahhhhhrggghh. I think everyone has days like that.


Kincept said...

hey thanks for the comment edwin! how you been? ur stuff is looking pretty sweet these days! i see you've been painting quite a bit.. :)

Edwin Rosell said...

Kinmaaan! What's happening man? Thanks for swingin' by...I am trying to paint a bit more and trying to make use of those tips I got from you back in the ACCD days :)