Mo' Emo

A quickie piece I just finished for the drawing jam over at The Drawing Board.

Bored or Emo?

This was done for a drawing jam over at Drawing Board that I ended up repurposing to submit for this week's art topic (Emo) over at Art Jumble. It also gave me a chance to practice some more character foreshortening.


I happened to catch a little bit of Afro Samurai last night on SpikeTV and was blown away by the extreme angles they were able to pull off. This morning I thought I would try my hand at a deep foreshortening exercise. What I need to remember though is not to try at at 8 in the morning...yeesh. My brain hurt afterwards...I had a lot of fun with this one.


Gurly girls! A couple of quick sketches I decided to throw some color on. Fun subject matter to draw and you can never get tired of doing these!
These usually happen during meetings hehehe :)

Update: MOAR!

Disney hearts Marvel

This week's topic over at Art Jumble is Disney/Marvel merger. I took the Wolverine drawing I just finished and added some more elements and it fit right in!

The Best There Is

My favorite version of Wolverine was the brown and tan version. There was much more mystery to the character and he wasn't overly concerned with being pretty or offending someone.

Sketchy Sketch

A couple of quick composition and lighting studies before I called it quits for today.

Mighty Panthro

Here is my take on Panthro, as I continue to try and draw the whole Thundercats team. In my rush to get him done I put covering on his feet but I think he's supposed to be barefoot. Urgh, too lazy to go back and change it :D

Update: I couldn't stand it so I added feet: