Canyon Color Studies

Here are two canyon color studies I just finished. I think I'll try some urban type stuff next...or figures....GAAAH! I wish we didn't have to sleep if we didn't want to. Both of these were done in Art Rage although I took the top one into Photoshop and added a bit of atmosphere using the airbrush. The free version of AR doesn't have the airbrush tool activated. I guess I'll have to buy the full version one of these days which I don't really mind since it only runs twenty-five bucks.

Painting Video Test 02

Yet another sketch. Just trying to figure out the optimum software settings. I didn't want to take too long on the actual color study. Total time was around 25 minutes compressed to about 41/2 minutes.

Audio: Shake It Baby by John Lee Hooker

Painting Video Test

Survey says...

Just a couple of quick sketches to break up the day. The dude on the left looks like he was taking a survey.

Video guy - colored

I decided to throw some color on the video guy sketch.

Video guy

Here is a quick lunchtime sketch. SOE sprung for lunch and I was able to stay in and crank this out and catch up on my Colbert watching. Pizza anyone?

Off to bed

Managed to squeeze one in before I crashed out. I'm off to catch some zees. Zzzzzzz...

Practice x 54134531624

I managed to get in and out of this one pretty quickly. Gonna see if I can slob out another one...

Another study

Meh. This took a little too long and I feel its a bit too overworked but I'm just happy to get some time in to do a study.

Art Rage Study

Got a chance to fire up Art Rage tonight. Here is a quick landscape study from a random photo off the intertubes during half-time of the Lakers vs Warriors game. Updates have been erratic around here, hopefully that'll change once the game gets released next month.