busy monday

lots of stuff going on today. i'm trying to track down all the inking comic pages i've got. the problem is i have to dig 'em out of storage which is always a pain. i'm planning to sell some of 'em but it hurts to let a lot of them go but it'll be good to find them good homes. i'll try posting some of those here at some point. all that plus i'm trying to gear up for my new gig. i'll do a detailed posting this weekend to talk more about recent happenings.

the sketch up top was a zombie sketch i did a little while back, i'll post it again once i get around to getting some color on it.
the other set of sketches was just me trying to loosen my arm up, i've been doing too much digital work lately.
its tough to get any sketching done with all the games that are going on.

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