The 5 Minute Headtrip

I could have titled this post, "A Mini-Vacation For Your Mind While Sitting Behind Your Desk" , but it didn't have quite the same ring to it. I'm assuming you already have iTunes installed on your computer or else this will only be half as effective.

Step 1. Follow this link and install the software: Magnetosphere
Step 2. Get your hands on this album:

Step 3. Put on favorite headphones.
Step 4. Play first track of album entitled " Wish Upon a Dogstar"
Step 5. Activate Magnetosphere iTunes visualizer.
Lean back and enjoy! :)


cdeboda said...

Hey Edwin, cool stuff! Curious to how you get your header to change after every refresh? Nice feature.

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks for stopping by Chris!
I found that rotating banner hack here: