FreeRealms is open!

The game that I have been working on for the past three years has finally opened to the public! Head on over to the FreeRealms site to check it out. Once I get approval, I'll post the work I've done so far for the game on my main site...which needs an overhaul. Ugh.
Did I mention, its free to farkin' play?!? What more can you ask for hehehe
Oh and my in-game avatar's name is Egg Shen. Come find me and add me to your friend list :)


Josh Frost said...

Dude! You have a great style! I was wondering if you ever have done a Darth Vader? I am creating a tribute book to George Lucas called "100 Ways to the Darkside" where I am having 100 hand picked artist create Darth Vader. I would love one for the book in your style. Please let me know if your interested!

Thanks a million

- Josh

FrankenBarry said...

Wow, great illustrations! Looks like ton of work. Let me know when you get more of it posted.

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks Josh! That Vader book sounds fun! :D Email me the details.
Thanks FrankenBarry! I'll let you know when I do.

Silver Knight said...

congrats dude! 3 yrs? that's a lot of work!!! looking forward to see it! ;)

Kidchuckle said...

Egg Shen... thats hillarious!

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks Roland! Hey I checked out the preview of your Faerywinkle book - SWEET!
LOL Thanks Vince! You can usually find me loitering around the derby spots when I'm in Free Realms hehehe.

Edvard said...

This looks really fantastic!
I have a sweet spot for anything vaguely resembling an MMO anyway, so I'm definitely gonna check it out... :)

Rock on!