IF - Talisman

Should you ever run into Alex Trebek of Jeopardy fame and he starts hasslin' you about who is the record holder for the tallest man, you can step to him with confidence and say "That would be Robert Wadlow, Trebek." In yo face, Alex!
This was a piece I did for Illustration Friday and the topic was "Talisman". To me it sounded like "tallest man" so I crowbarred Sir Wadlow in there. If you're wondering what that is around his neck well that happens to be.....tadaaa! A TALISMAN!
My brilliance rocks your socks.


jazzlamb said...

haha. Clever...and funny. Nice take on the topic!

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks Jazzlamb! I'm glad you liked it. :)
...and thanks for stopping by.

Jason Johnson said...

You are ever so clever with your endeavors! Nice stuff bro.

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks man :)
The two times I'm able to participate on IF and they had to be these tough words. The one before this was "Routine"?!?! :D
Tough for me anyway...I'm good with something like "Foot" or "Green".