Hillside Sketch Paint

I found this really cool and really convenient way to do screen caps.
You can give it a try at: Screen Toaster
I highly recommend it and since its browser-based, its compatible with Macs, PCs and even Linux.
This paint sketch was a result of my little test run. I'll post the vid as soon as I finish the clean up and edit.

UPDATE: Here is the video for the above paint sketch using Screen Toaster to record.


Mariusz Kornatka said...

Thanks for the video :)

nice work

best regards

Edwin Rosell said...

Thanks Mariusz, glad to hear you enjoyed the vid and thanks for coming by :)

Aditi Rajan said...

Great work! What program do you use to do these sketches?

edwin rosell said...

Thanks Aditi! I used a program called ArtRage to paint it.